Music Services


Custom Beats

If you want Wolfgang to create a beat from scratch we got you covered! Just let us know with as much details as you can the idea you have in mind and we will go from there! The price for a custom beats depends on what your looking for you can let us know by email the idea you have in mind and we will make it happen for you. Contact us here .

Produced By The Wolf:


Song Writing

With 13+ years of experience in songwriting Wolfgang Production can help you with your project! You need a song written from scratch? we can do it! You need just a hook (chorus) written  for you? You need the lyrics to be refined? Wolfgang will help you out even if its just for a fiew words we are flexible we will work something out with you!

For the song writing service Contact us here .


Written By The Wolf:



Mixing & Mastering

If you have the tracked out wav (Seperate Files) of a song and you would like the song to be mixed and mastered by us, you can order the Mix & Master gig here. If you want to mix and master more than 5 songs you will get a discount. If you need help on how to export all you seperate recorded files let us know we will guide you.

Mixed By The Wolf:


Score (For Film, Television Or Commericals)

Are you working on a film? You need music for a commercial or for a TV show? Wofgang got you covered (once again) ! we will create original compositions for your project.

Contact us here for this service.


Scored By The Wolf:


Film Scored By The Wolf: